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September 23rd, 2020

Grateful to Bob and Debbie Carpenter for 13 Years of Support for this Special Event.

Operation Hope Prison Ministry

739 North Denver Avenue, Suite A Tulsa, OK 74106

Operation Hope helps men and women as soon as they are released to navigate the obstacles in order to meet their basic needs like housing, employment and community.

739 North Denver Avenue, Suite A Tulsa, OK 74106739 North Denver Avenue, Suite A Tulsa, OK 74106

Non-Event Fundraiser

Non-Event Fundraiser

Operation Hope Prison Ministry

2020 Non-Event Fundraiser Table Sponsors:

Love Sponsor : $5,000

Hope Sponsor : $2,500

Faith Sponsor : $1,000

Ticket for Non-Event Contribution : $100.00

OHPM receives referrals from:

  • Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Case Managers, Halfway Houses and Work Centers
  • Churches
  • Sate and Federal Parole Officers
  • City and County Jails
  • Muscogee (Creek) Nation
  • Family, friends and past clients
  • Other Prison Ministries


…ex-offenders secure their immediate needs for housing, employment and certifications during their first year post-release.


…incarcerated men and women for successful reentry into Tulsa and surrounding communities.


…encouragement and opportunities for children to reconnect to their parents and grandparents in prison.


…with state and local agencies to minister to incarcerated veterans and ex offenders with special needs.

Help Support OHPM

Your financial support helps OHPM continue services to families affected by incarceration throughout the year.


Join OHPM’s team of trained volunteers helping ex-offenders get to appointments for housing, medical and employment opportunities.

Men, Women and Children affected by incarceration that were served by Operation Hope in 2016

Number of backpacks Operation Hope gives away each year

Help sponsor a meal or donate craft supplies to incarcerated veterans for their service projects.

Pray for mentors willing to be positive role models in the lives of ex-offender's during their first year, post release.

Operation Hope began as a mission project of a Sunday School Class of Asbury United Methodist Church in 1995.

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Operation Hope


“Thank you Daddy!”

Had a ‘walk in’ client come in for a needs assessment for at OHPM When we were talking, I ask him if he had done Bedtime Stories in prison. He told me a story of how he was never there for any of his 6 kids lives, but when he got his act together the 7th year of his 8 year sentence… he did the Bedtime Stories for all 6 of his children! He really didn’t know if the stories he recorded with a personal message at the end would make it to his kids, until he finally got a hold of his 16-year-old daughter.

She told him “Thank you daddy, I loved that CD, and I listen to it every night before I go to bed.” I was so happy to hear this news that I cried. I told him that I was right now making C.D.’s to send with the books to the children.

So I realized that the Bedtime Stories… that I so love to do, has a real impact in the lives of many people. The ripple effect of Bedtime Stories is truly the start of restoring families. I am so thankful to God for allowing me this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful ministry. I have learned so much not only from my experiences but from all the clients that walk through these doors.